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"Love this company I work for a management company and these guys always come thru for me and priced fair and they always get the jobs done no matter what I 100% trust them".
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Superior Plumbing, Heating, and Mechanical LLC is a fully insured member of the Plumbers Local Union #1.

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Superior PHM Services Fire Sprinkler Pump

Expert maintenance, repair and replacement of water, sewage, circulating, booster and fire pumps for New York City’s buildings.

Prevent unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs with preventative maintenance, servicing and pump repairs from our experienced technicians. We are on call 24/7 to attend to emergency plumbing issues relating to water pumps, sewage pumps, circulating pumps and fire pumps in Manhattan and surrounding areas.

We service the residential, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing sectors, providing 24/7 emergency and after hours services so that work can be completed at the most convenient time.

With easy access to our customer portal, you have round the clock access to monthly analytic reporting and documentation relating to your pump’s service.

Pump Maintenance, Repair & Replacement

We provide preventative maintenance for all types of water pump systems for commercial and large residential buildings in the 5 Boroughs, Long Island and Westchester County. We promise on-time service and minimal disruption, so that you can have peace of mind that your systems won’t let you down.

Pump failure is the worst case scenario we aim to avoid through pump repair and timely replacement.

When you hire Superior Plumbing, Heating & Mechanical for pump repair, we provide before and after photos and videos and a full report of the work done. This gives all parties involved a benchmark of what the issue was, and how it was repaired. By reassessing the report annually, it gives us insight into how your pump is performing and how we can support it, so it delivers optimal performance and maximum lifespan.

If your pump is reaching the end of its lifecycle, we will install a suitable replacement that will be able to meet your building’s needs now and well into the future.

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New Water Pump Installation

We work with building engineers and architects in New York City to install and retrofit all types of water pumps. After a site visit and assessment, the team will select a pump for your building based on performance and quality, taking into consideration workload and energy efficiency.

If we are retrofitting a pump into an existing space, our team has extensive experience retrofitting pumps all throughout the 5 boroughs, with nothing less than outstanding results.

Our commitment to outstanding customer service means we keep you informed through every step of the process, from the initial site visit, through to completion.
Following installation and testing, we provide a detailed copy of required reports for your records.

Booster Pumps

Are you experiencing low water pressure in your building, a booster pump that won’t stop, or suction problems, your booster pump is likely in need of a service. Experienced in diagnosing and resolving issues with water distribution systems in all types of New York City buildings and facilities, our technicians will get to the root cause of your issue and fix it right away.

We will also restore your booster pump up to code, ensuring the flow rate and pressure values are accurate.

Circulating Pumps

Have your tenants been complaining about hot water taking too long to get to the faucets, or are you experiencing a water leak coming from the pump? If so, your circulator pump may be in need of repair or replacement.

We also provide on-site testing and troubleshooting, as well as off-site breakdown inspection repair for commercial circulation pumps for NYC facilities using hydronic plumbing. We are even able to disassemble, redesign, rebuild and upgrade your circulating pump to ensure optimal efficiency and longevity of your asset.

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Fire Pumps

When you contract us for service and maintenance of your fire pump, we provide a thorough inspection, clean and reassembly, followed by testing to ensure it is working properly. Our fire pump services all include field acceptance testing and fire pump performance testing to gauge how your systems were performing before and after the service. Following the service, we will provide you with all the maintenance report for your records.

Sewage Pumps

We provide residential properties and commercial businesses with sewage pump repair and installation, to keep your septic system running at its best. If you are experiencing flooding, unusual noises or bad smells, contact us right away to examine your sewage pump and determine the cause of the issue. Septic problems are not only a health risk, but pose inconvenience to staff and tenants alike.

If your sewage ejector pumps are not working at optimal level, we can provide a maintenance service. This may include some of the following repairs;

If your pump is unable to be repaired on-site, we will advise a timeline for removal to provide an off-site repair and rebuild. If this isn’t an option, we will be able to install a new sewage pump for your facility.

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We value your time, and understand the daily demands involved in maintaining a property. This is why we have fine-tuned our processes around communication and reporting, so that when you contract Superior Plumbing, you get peace of mind that both the job and the paperwork will be taken care of.

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