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"Love this company I work for a management company and these guys always come thru for me and priced fair and they always get the jobs done no matter what I 100% trust them".
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Superior Plumbing, Heating, and Mechanical LLC is a fully insured member of the Plumbers Local Union #1.

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Gas Plumbing Superior PHM

Our plumbers are licensed to provide gas line repairs and piping installation to NYC Utilities and Department of Buildings, as well as Medical Gas piping.

Our team of Master Plumbers are New York City Department of Buildings and Con Edison/National Grid Licensed to provide gas work on your commercial, residential, or medical facility. In order to provide a complete service to our clients, our team stay current with the latest industry standards and regulations, maintaining the following licenses and certifications:
Superior Plumbing, Heating & Mechanical are trained to take on all types of gas line work for any building big and small. Our gas techs are certified to carry out Task 86/87 gas piping repair and maintenance, as well as new installations, emergency repairs, and underground gas piping. Additionally, we are authorized to carry out repairs and “turn on” services for Con Edison and National Grid supplied buildings.

Our Gas Line Services

Gas Leak Detection & Repairs

Our gas plumbers are licensed to detect and repair gas leaks both above and below ground. Your safety is our priority, and we understand that gas lines are an integral part of daily operations for many New York City facilities. That is why we promise uncompromised service and a quick response time to call outs.

When you book our services, we will be there to provide fast and thorough gas leak detection, followed by repair solutions that adhere to local plumbing codes. Our communications process keeps you up to date on the progress of the job, and we supply all the relevant documentation for your records upon completion.

Superior Plumbing, Heating & Mechanical Are Committed To Stress-Free Maintenance And Gas Repairs For Our Clients.

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Gas Pipe Alterations & Installations

Our licensed technicians can take care of your building’s gas line alterations, installations, and service restorations. Having serviced the 5 Boroughs in NYC for over 20 years, we have an in depth knowledge of the codes and requirements for different buildings.

We are experienced in following the Department of Buildings’ (DOB) process for job filings and permit requests, so you will never have to chase us for information or reports.

We work with you to understand your building’s gas line requirements, and not only provide solutions that will withstand the test of time, but also grow with your business and provide energy efficiency.

We provide the following services for NYC commercial, residential, and medical facilities:

With the added option of underground gas line installation by our Licensed Underground Gas plumbers.
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Local Law 152 Gas Inspections

Since 2016, the Department of Building has required regular inspections of gas piping systems of all buildings in New York City. Our team have completed hundreds of regular Local Law inspections throughout Manhattan and surrounding boroughs, and are thoroughly familiar with the codes that need to be met and filing that needs to be done.

Upon completion of your building inspection, we will provide you with an Inspection Certificate. In the event of unsafe conditions within the building, we will work with you to bring the building up to code and repair the issue as soon as possible.

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Code Compliance Corrections & Gas Pipe Violations

Gas shutoff can occur if the gas supplied or installed at your property lacks a permit, compliance certificate or is deemed hazardous.

We can assist in the gas restoration process so that your building’s gas supply can be turned on safely. We will provide a thorough inspection, offering our services for any repairs or alterations that will be necessary to get certification. In order to bring your gas line and piping up to code quickly, we can file an emergency work notice (EWN) with the DOB.

We understand that getting safe and functioning gas services to your property is a high priority. Our team has over 20 years of experience in resolving gas piping issues for building owners throughout New York City.

When you book a gas line service through Superior Plumbing, Heating & Mechanical, we promise to show up when we say we will, provide timely solutions, present you with relevant information for your records, and send off the required reports.

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We value your time, and understand the daily demands involved in maintaining a property. This is why we have fine-tuned our processes around communication and reporting, so that when you contract Superior Plumbing, you get peace of mind that both the job and the paperwork will be taken care of.

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