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Water Leak Detection NYC

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"Love this company I work for a management company and these guys always come thru for me and priced fair and they always get the jobs done no matter what I 100% trust them".
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Superior Plumbing, Heating, and Mechanical LLC is a fully insured member of the Plumbers Local Union #1.

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We provide water leak detection and repairs for commercial buildings throughout Manhattan and surrounding boroughs 24/7.

Determining the root cause of a leak within a large building or facility can seem like a daunting task – but not for our experienced leak detection technicians. We have investigated and repaired leaks for building owners and managers all throughout the 5 Boroughs, Long Island and Westchester County, and know how to get the job done quickly.

Using a combination of non-invasive techniques, we will detect where your water leak is coming from. It is possible that there may be more than one source of your water leak, so it is important to be thorough in the investigation so that we can provide a long lasting solution.

Whether you suspect your leak is in a heating, cooling, steamline, or commercial water main, our expertise and qualifications will allow us to explore all possible options. Once we have detected the leak, we will discuss your options for pipe replacement or repair.

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Our Techniques

Infrared imaging will identify temperature variations to determine areas of compromised insulation within your building’s walls. It can also pinpoint radiant heat leaks in underground utilities, such as steam leaks in heat pipes or condensate lines.

Moisture scanners and meters will identify the moisture content within walls and roofs.

Electronic leak detection uses field vector mapping to identify the precise location of leaks.

Acoustic leak detection uses the noise within the water line to pinpoint the leak.

Emergency Leak Detection

Has someone reported puddles of water, water stained ceilings or musty smells in the building? A water leak might be the issue. Contact us for rapid response emergency leak detection and prevent further damage!

We are on call to provide Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens with emergency leak detection and plumbing repairs. When you partner with us, you can rely on us to respond quickly to your call-out, and provide all the necessary reports to you once the job is done – including photos and videos.

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Water Leak Detection Surveys

Do you require a full report on your water distribution system? Superior Plumbing, Heating & Mechanical performs water leak detection surveys for commercial building property managers and owners throughout New York City. We will provide you with a report on the health of your system, so that you can plan upgrades, maintenance and ensure your water system is working at peak performance.
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Benefits Of Leak Detection

Identifying and resolving leaks has multiple benefits. By resolving the leaks before they become larger issues, you can prevent water main breaks and unnecessary excavations. A perfectly functioning plumbing system with no leaks will provide greater building heating and water system efficiency, using only the required amount of resource (water) for your building’s needs.

Having a reliable plumbing company on call can save you from costly repairs, unhappy tenants and workplace stress. When you book our services, we promise you peace of mind. Our reputation is built on communication and customer service, so we will turn up when we say we will, and provide you with job process alerts so you can keep everyone informed on the progress.

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We value your time, and understand the daily demands involved in maintaining a property. This is why we have fine-tuned our processes around communication and reporting, so that when you contract Superior Plumbing, you get peace of mind that both the job and the paperwork will be taken care of.

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